Forever In Our Hearts: 11 Special Sympathy Gifts

Forever In Our Hearts: 11 Special Sympathy Gifts

Saying goodbye to a loved one is a difficult thing to do, that’s one thing we can all agree on. What needn’t be difficult is finding a way to comfort those around you with some kindness.

A little kindness during a period of grief will not make the pain go away, but it may make the recipient of your love feel a little less alone.

Explore 11 special sympathy gifts curated with a view to acknowledging a shared understanding that the person we’ve lost will remain forever in our hearts.

1. Angel Wing Bracelet

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This gift is ideal for a woman who’s lost a beautiful angel – perhaps a sister, a mother, a friend or even a daughter. Jewellery is one of those precious keepsakes that often becomes a gentle reminder of the love we’ve lost no matter where we are or whatever we’re doing. This personalized stirling silver angel wing bracelet features a Swarovski birthstone crystal charm, initial, tiny heart and angel wing.

Sympathy Gifts - Angel Wing Bracelet

2. Gold Seashell Necklace

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Another gift of jewellery, this seashell necklace – gorgeously gold plated – is a reminder that every passing life leaves something beautiful behind. Life is fragile, handle it with care. Such an elegant and exquisite shell pendant on a delicate solid gold chain. A beautiful symbol.

Sympathy Gifts - Gold Seashell Necklace

3. Memorial Photo Collage

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There are few gifts that keep on giving each and every day like photo gifts do which is why we created our memorial themed collage featuring a few thoughtful words and three frames for some photos – which so often speak a thousand words. There are so many who will dearly appreciate this gift from little ones to adults, memories to be treasured as those we love – and have lost – walk beside us every day.

Sympathy Gifts - Collage

4. Sweet Little Sign

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If the loved one who has passed was a bit cool and edgy, this is a bereavement sign they will have approved of. It’s important, when choosing a gift, that we don’t completely forget the personality of the loved one lost. This black and white wooden bereavement sign is full of groove and full of heart.

Sympathy Gifts - Sweet Little Sign

5. Basket Full Of Necessities

By Fantabulosity

The weeks after a loved one passes can be some of the longest and loneliest weeks of our lives. This gift is ideal for someone who has lost their partner or a close family member they lived with. When grieving, sometimes the most basic things – like grocery shopping – can seem like an alien task. A gift basket of groceries or a food package full of necessities will go a long way to providing support and comfort during a tough phase. Healthy homemade frozen foods work a treat, so don’t be shy about that traditional, age-old delivery of pasta or pie.

Sympathy Gifts - Basket Full Of Necessities

6. Memorial Windchimes

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Imagine remembering a loved one every time the breeze blows. These windchimes are a wonderful way to memorialize through sound and sight, with delicate chimes and a heartfelt poem. Designed with angel wings, teardrops and jewels, it’s a gift that will honor the wind beneath their wings.

Sympathy Gifts - Memorial Windchimes

7. Memory Tree

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It’s something many mourners have done – plant seedlings in remembrance of a loved one and watch it grow into a big tree as the years progress. It’s a wonderful tribute. This memory gift simply packages the idea in an appealing way, giving the recipient the encouragement or idea to conduct a planting. The trick with this gift is to find a local supplier as quarantine laws may restrict delivery.

Sympathy Gifts - Memory Tree

8. Memory Candle Jar

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Etsy has an extensive range of handcrafted memorable gifts, so it’s well worth doing some browsing on there. This personalized Love-Lite jar is designed to look amazing in the daytime, but really shine through at night with a color changing light inside. Choose from suggested quotes or choose your own.

Sympathy Gifts - Memory Candle Jar

9. Guardian Angel Wings

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These angel wings make for a gorgeous tribute for someone who’s lost someone very special to them – a friend or a family member. While it’s just the Guardian Angel Wings for sale, the poem is a beautiful addition, written through the eyes of the deceased which is quite touching. “When the days are short and nights are long, Light this candle and the pain will be gone.” Heartbreaking and healing all at the same time, but a guardian angel forever more.

Sympathy Gifts - Guardian Angel Wings

10. Charm Bottle

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What a precious remembrance trinket. This elegant bottle with a Tibetan charm and cork is handmade with tremendous care. The single white feather – ethically sourced – is a reminder that an angel has visited and will remain close forever. It’s a symbol that the person experiencing loss is receiving protection from above.

Sympathy Gifts - Charm Bottle

11. Charity Donation

A charity donation is becoming an increasingly popular request, particularly from those who have had the opportunity to plan their own funeral arrangements or from family members who have suggested charities in lieu of flowers that closely align to something that makes sense to friends and family. The key to a respectful donation request is to ensure the charity donation is included on all memorial communications that are released.

Sympathy Gifts - Donation


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