Canvas Wall Art Ideas

Turn any inspirational image into amazing canvas wall art.

Want to brighten your home and make a feature wall without spending thousands on major renovations? Then getting a nice canvas wall design is a great idea. You can simply find a nice design you like online, send what you want into us, and we’ll make a feature wall-quality print out of it. Here are some great canvas wall art ideas you can try out.

The Advantage with Canvas

Photos, paintings, posters and wallpapers are a pretty static medium compared to canvas. With canvas, you can either have a single image in one print, multiple images in one print, or single image split across multiple prints in any number of different combinations. For instance, you could have one image split across nine different square canvases in a 3×3 display. Or you could have that same image split across multiple narrow, rectangular wall-length canvases stretching from the floor to the ceiling. You can see that just by the layout and placement of your canvases, you can make a nice wall feature, regardless of what image is on them. With ideas for canvas wall art, you’re only limited by your imagination. Now we look at the different images you could have for your canvas

Canvas wall art can brighten any room.


Landscape photos are good to create a lively connection with nature in the room. Sometimes there’s nothing better to display than a mountain range, the crashing waves or a tranquil tropical rainforest which depicts the mysterious but mighty beauty of nature printed in lively colors on canvas prints. You can also choose an urban skyscape, displaying the architectural and social wonders of modern humanity.


If you’re into the weird, the thought-provoking or out-there to draw people’s attention and make them cock their heads in contemplation, then try either a classical or modern piece of abstract art. If you’re into classical art from the Modernist era, the surrealist artworks of Dali, Ernst, Duchamp, or the abstract artworks of Cezanne, van Gogh or Matisse are sure bets. To blow people’s minds with depictions of impossible architecture and infinity, check out the works of M.C Escher. Though all mostly done in black and white, these works really throw perspective into chaos. Fractal artwork is also great for its vividly-colored flamed patterns and designs. Though to make the viewer really appreciate the artwork for what it is, we recommend you print it just on a single print.

Plain Colors

Plain colors or patterns can also make for great canvas wall art ideas. For instance, you could take the 3×3 print design mentioned earlier and make a different color for each row. Or you could have one color for the corners and centre, and one color for the others to make a cross design. Simple patterns are also great for children’s rooms, where you could make a line of prints in different bright monocolors, with animals or objects in black or white patterns printed across.

Whatever idea you have in mind, no matter how conventional or unique, we can make it work for you to brighten your home.