Metal Photo Prints: The Most Vibrant Form of Image Display

You'll be amazed at how metal photo prints will brighten any room.

One of the fastest growing areas of printing is metal photo prints: printing directly onto metal. The effect of having your photos displayed on metallic background can be quite stunning. This is because metal provides the most unique, vivid and durable material available to display your memories and artwork.

How It Works

When printing images onto metal, we take your images and infuse the inks from them directly into an aluminium sheet using a hot press and high pressure – this process is called dye sublimation. The result is a print that is vivid and durable with unmatched levels of color and depth.

The Advantage of Metal

When you print a photo onto metal, the image will be guaranteed to stand out – even if the subject doesn’t. Photos that are embedded onto sheets of aluminium have an extra 3D-like effect where the aluminium functions as a translucent layer through which the image is seen. The result of this is a three-dimensional feel to the image where the image subject stands out from the background and comes alive.

Plus, unlike canvas, the ‘metal’ photos are tough so there’s no need to worry about spilling water on them or the image fading. You can even hang them in your bathroom, kitchen or outside because the metal is UV resistant, scratch resistant and waterproof. Plus, since the image is infused into an aluminium plate body, the photo can’t be removed unless excessive heat is used. They typically last three to four times longer than your canvas print. And since the photos are already framed by metal, there’s no need to buy picture frames or encase it in glass. This means you can hang your metal print on the wall right out of the box.

Plus, you can make wall displays with metal prints the same as you can with canvas, with the same split image, different print sizes, collage and staggered print effects.

Metal photo prints - the design element you've been searching for.

How to Hang Your Metal Photo Prints

If you want to just display your photo on a benchtop, desktop or table, we recommend just attaching an easel to the back of your print, preferably also made of aluminium. Or you could use an acrylic pedestal, which is a handy slab with a slit down the centre where your photo can be inserted and secured. If you want to display it on a wall, you can just buy a wall float which allows you to hang the photo at half-an inch distance from the wall.

Great Value for Money

Metal photo prints may cost more, but when you consider that you don’t need frames, matting or protective glass, it more than balances out. Plus since it’s the most durable medium to print on, when hung indoors, a metal print can last for generations. So if you’re ready to try the miracle of metal, send your images to us and we’ll make them come alive.