Five Photo Collage Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

A photo collage gift is one of the most personal Mother’s Day presents you can give. Unlike other gifts bought on a whim, a photo collage on canvas will truly speak to Mom as it shows you’ve put in that bit of extra thought.

Mothers Day Photo Collage - Gift Ideas - Family Picture Collage

So Dads, older brother and sisters, gather the kids around the computer and start making your own personalized photo collage, just for Mom. It doesn’t take long!

Gather together your family photos, select the best ones of Mom and start collaging! Our collage creator makes the whole process super easy and a lot of fun.

1. Traditional Collage

This old favorite is an absolute crowd pleaser. You can choose from 10 traditional styles in portrait and landscape shapes and up to nine photos in some designs.

Color Mom’s world or gift her with a stylish black and white print.

Mothers Day Photo Collage - Gift Ideas - Traditional Collage

Mothers Day Photo Collage - Gift Ideas - Themed Collage

2. Themed Collage

Our Mother’s Day theme is one of our most popular this time of year. This theme, while celebrating Mother’s Day, is a gift that keeps on giving.

Surprise Mom! Collect her photo albums from the back of the closet to find her oldest, most precious pictures or visit her Facebook page for her recent favorites.

While our high quality canvas collages are our most affordable offering, for longer lasting memories consider choosing an acrylic glass or aluminum print.

‘Mother is a verb. It’s something you do. Not just who you are.’ – Canvas Factory Themed Mother’s Day Collage Quote

3. Silhouette Heart Collage

This Mother’s Day, your Mom can enjoy one of our recently launched Silhouette and Modish designs for the first time.

First time Moms will love the pram and pregnancy silhouette options. All Moms will appreciate a gorgeous love heart collage packed with magical moments with their children.

A silhouette heart collage on brushed aluminum will not only look classy, but will hold up against the elements, so great for an outdoor space or terrace.

Mothers Day Photo Collage - Gift Ideas - Silhouette Heart Collage
Mothers Day Photo Collage - Gift Ideas - Modish Portrait Collage

4. Modish Portrait Collage

Our modish designs will satisfy the stylish and funky Moms out there. This terrific portrait piece will be a head turner in the family home.

These contemporary modish styles look great in black and white. You might also consider featuring all but one frame in black and white with a color for contrast in the center.

5. Modish Landscape Collage

With 12 modish designs to choose from, you may have difficulty deciding what to select for Mom. There’s no need to settle on one canvas design straight away. Have a good look at the size and shape of your pictures and test to see which of your own photos work best where.

Mothers Day Photo Collage - Gift Ideas - Landscape Modish Collage

Enjoy the creative process and, if you get stuck anywhere along the way, you can always treat Mom to a Canvas Factory gift voucher, particularly if she’s a crafter herself!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there. For you Dads with young families, remember it’s your responsibility to make sure the kids are spoiling Mom. A Mother’s Day card from daycare will only go so far! Create a picture collage for Mom now.


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