23 Most Awesome Girls Birthday Cakes

23 Most Awesome Girls Birthday Cakes

Girls just want to have fun, as they say. Yes, we all know it’s Cyndi Lauper, but it’s basically colloquial English as well now. It’s a given. You’re a girl. You want to have fun.

That’s what girls birthday parties are all about. That’s what girls birthday cakes are all about.

The more awesome the better, no matter the age, from baby to toddler to teen. The good news is that we’ve got you covered with 23 of the most awesome cakes for girls. They not only look amazing, but they’re tasty as well.

While we kick off with pink, if pink’s not her thing, never mind that, there are plenty of other colors and themes to astound and excite – pastels, brights, musics, sports, cartoons and film.

Ready to have some fun?

Pretty In Pink

Pink doesn’t have to mean pastels, princesses and castles (but it can and that’s fine!). Instead you can enjoy these bright, colorful ideas. Think outside the round cake tin and consider a pink dinosaur.

Alternatively, create layer upon layer of goodness adding a contrast color and theme to make pink even prettier.

1. Pink dinosaur

By: The TomKat Studio

Girls Birthday Cakes - Pink Dinosaur

2. Hello Kitty

By: Delicious Artistry

Girls Birthday Cakes - Hello Kitty

3. Gift wrapped giraffe

By: Hope’s Sweet Cakes

Girls Birthday Cakes - Giraffe

Gorgeous Cakes For Baby Girls

Being babies and all, they’re still framing their own personalities so they still have very little say on what goes into their birthday cake. What this means for Moms, Dads, Aunties and Grandparents (whoever the cake maker is in the family!), is you can choose any cake you want.

You can sugar coat it with all the girly sweetness you can muster. You can make it challenging and complex with layer upon layer of awesome. Or keep it super simple with a fun cake topper.

4. Little Mermaid

By: The Frosted Petticoat

Girls Birthday Cakes - Little Mermaid

5. Ruffled ombre

By: Jenny Cookies

Girls Birthday Cakes - Ruffled Ombre

6. Magical unicorn

By: Hostess with the Mostess

Girls Birthday Cakes - Magical Unicorn

Big Treasures For Little Girls

They may not remember the day, but through the power of storytelling and family photographs they will always remember the cake. For that reason, this is the age to get it just right.

Move over fairy princesses, transform her favorite animal into a ‘cute as a button’ cake either in pastels or brights. Take plenty of photos of the day and build a collage canvas, a great treat for her bedroom. Discover how to make a collage now.

7. Cute elephant

By: Hello Naomi

Girls Birthday Cakes - Little Elephant

8. Colorful owl

By: Hope’s Sweet Cakes

Girls Birthday Cakes - Colorful Owl

Funky Cakes For Teenage Girls

It’s tricky business, the cake for the teenager in your life. There’s a whole world of difference between 13 and 16 so knowing what will make your teen girl happy can be a challenge and a half.

If you’re worried, just ask! Not every cake has to be a surprise and god forbid you embarrass her in front of her friends. 🙂

9. Insta-party cupcakes

By: Anders Ruff

Girls Birthday Cakes - Insta Party Cupcakes

10. Ice cream sandwich cake

By: Sprinkle Bakes

Girls Birthday Cakes - Ice Cream Sandwich

11. Beauty salon

By: Violeta Glace

Girls Birthday Cakes - Make Up

Sporty Spice

Whether her sport of choice is dance, hockey, gymnastics, netball or football, she will love that you’ve put her passion front and center.

While we’ve chosen both complex and simple examples below, if you’re struggling to find the time (or the talent!) to bake and ice something from scratch, don’t be shy about recruiting a professional to do the job.

Bakers and cake decorators are amazing at what they do and will take away all the stress of this side of party planning. If you’re not into baking, you won’t look back.

12. Ballet

By: Gateauxlicious

Girls Birthday Cakes - Ballet

13. Gymnastics

By: The Icing on the Cake

Girls Birthday Cakes - Gymnastics

Music Girl Cakes

If music be the food of love, play on. – William Shakespeare

How awesome are these music cakes? If music is her ‘raison d’etre’ she’ll love you over and over again with one of these cakes, a wonderful idea for girls of any age who love music. Or boys. Or grown ups. Anyone really. Music is universal, afterall.

14. Guitar rocker

By: A Creative Touch

Girls Birthday Cakes - Guitar Rocker

15. Piano passion

By: The Round House

Girls Birthday Cakes - Piano

16. All the musics

By: Main Made Cake

Girls Birthday Cakes - Music Themed

Cartoon Connection

Little ones (and I know a few big ones as well!) love their cartoons and puppets, so if your daughter, granddaughter or niece is Number 1 All Time Fan of something, be inspired to create something special.

Cakes like this are ideal for themed birthday parties. Host a Sesame Street party, make an Elmo cake and hire a puppeteer or put on a princess party, make a castle cake and hire a Cinderella games host.

17. Elmo’s street name cake

By: The Crafting Mama

Girls Birthday Cakes - Elmo Street

18. Disney castle

By: Hostess with the Mostess

Girls Birthday Cakes - Disney Castle

Girls On Screen

The 21st Century is all about girl power and film is full of heroic role models, both girls and women. Even our princesses are becoming complex and courageous.

We’re loving these super awesome superhero cakes: Wonder Woman, Rey from Star Wars, and Anna and Elsa from Frozen. All that glitters is gorgeous. Girl power!

19. Rey from Star Wars

From Pinterest

Girls Birthday Cakes - Rey Star Wars

20. Frozen candy ice castle

By: Chica And Jo

Girls Birthday Cakes - Frozen

21. Wonder Woman

By Cake Central

Girls Birthday Cakes - Wonder Woman

Smash Cakes For Girls

Sure, they look almost too good to smash but when can you let your little girl let loose if it’s not at age one with no inhibitions whatsoever?

Smash cakes are a real treat and these will not disappoint. A feast for the senses – and the camera!

22. Pink giraffe

By: And Everything Sweet

Girls Birthday Cakes - Pink Giraffe

23. Rainbow smash

By: And Everything Sweet

Girls Birthday Cakes - Rainbow Smash


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