How to Decorate for Spring with Custom Canvas Prints

How to Decorate for Spring with Custom Canvas Prints

Spring is in the air! The weather is warming up, the sun is shining and everyone’s feeling that much more cheerful. So, it makes sense that you want your home to be full of bright, colorful décor, beautiful florals, and plenty of fresh air. You can easily incorporate spring décor with custom canvas prints.

Embrace the warmer months with these simple, yet stunning spring decorating ideas. After all, personalization is key! You want unique homewares that can express your personality and allow you to get creative. Not to mention, you want home décor pieces that fit in with your existing décor schemes and color themes! So, without further ado, here’s how to decorate for spring with custom canvas prints!

Open shelving with pictures

The open shelf is definitely trending, with the “shelfie” – aka styled shelf – turning into a huge hit. Open-style shelves or even floating shelves can look casual, but little do your visitors know about the time you’ve spent arranging and re-arranging your shelf!

Your open shelving does take time and effort to get right, but shelves are great in that you can mix up your shelf as time goes on. Unlike hammering nails into specific spots on your walls, you’re not tied down to any one arrangement.

To style your shelves, you can add anything you want, such as:

  • Indoor pot plants
  • Small canvas frames with family photos, or bright spring custom canvas prints
  • A few of your favorite books stacked
  • Sentimental ornaments

You can even get several prints and layer them overlapping against each other to create a look with more depth.

Get in the spirit of spring with florals

We know – florals; ground-breaking, right? But florals are always a winner because there are just so many floral varieties and color combinations to explore. From vintage florals to tropical neon florals, you can achieve totally different looks with florals.

Floral custom canvas prints or cushions are the best way to get this trend as they’re so affordable. Ready to expand your floral vocabulary?

Our favorite ideas for custom canvas prints with florals are:

Need more inspiration? Search Pinterest or Instagram for more ideas on floral custom canvas prints.

custom canvas prints for spring

Bohemian custom canvas prints

Bohemian style says spring like nothing else; the enigmatic prints, the bold, bright colors and the free-spirited design.

This spring, why not add a bohemian rug, cushions, or a bohemian custom canvas print? Start browsing our bohemian designs here.

custom canvas prints dining room

Pops of neon color

If you want to make a statement, go neon! Pops of neon color are the perfect way to brighten up your home, especially if you have a minimalistic home décor scheme.

Try a neon custom canvas print in pink, blue, green, orange or yellow.

Add garden-inspired scenes

If florals aren’t really your thing, or you feel they’re a little too feminine, why not try custom canvas prints with a garden scene? Unlike an actual garden, you don’t need to look after it, yet it still provides a beautiful glimpse into a world of greenery.

Shop our custom canvas prints with garden scenes here.

Embrace pastel hues

Pastel hues are all the rage at the moment, and it’s easy to see why. They feel fresh, bright and summery. Solid pastel colors match well with busier floral prints. Or, mix up a light, Hamptons-style color theme with pastels to make your rooms a little more fun.

Embrace color and add some dreamlike pastel custom canvas prints or cushions in your spaces.

custom canvas prints pastel

Create a tropical paradise

Build a tropical oasis in your spaces! Whether you’d like to add real plants, fake plants, or even photos of plants, it’s easy to add a tropical touch into your home. This exotic home style can lend a unique, yet casual touch to your home.

Our favorite ideas for tropical custom canvas prints are:

custom canvas print palm

The great thing about custom canvas prints or cushions is that they’re so affordable and, unlike flowers, they’ll never die! You can swap them out when the weather gets warmer and back again in the cooler months when you want darker, cozier colors.

When it comes to custom canvas prints, above all, you need to select the styles, décor and designs that suit you, not what’s trending. So, it’s best to take your personal style and borrow only the aspects of trending styles that you really love.

Luckily, we have plenty of images to choose from! With over 20 million images to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice! To start browsing for a design, click here.


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