How to Print a Photo to Canvas

So you decided you want to spruce up your home and hang a nice canvas print somewhere it will attract attention. Here, we’ll show you how to print a photo to canvas and fill that big empty space in any room in your house or create the perfect gift.

Do you know how to print a photo to canvas ?

Decide Where You Want To Hang Your Canvas

Whereabouts is that big empty space you want to fill? The photo you eventually get printed on your canvas is determined by where the canvas will go. If you want to hang the print in a baby’s room, then a photo of a baby would do it. If you want a photo for your office, a landscape panorama with an inspirational quote would work fine. If your bedroom needs some more character then choose a fun picture of people you love.

Decide Your Printing Medium

Choose whether you want your photo printed on canvas, acrylic glass or aluminum. Acrylic glass provides great color vibrancy and an almost 3D effect, especially with the image reflected between the back and front glass. Aluminum achieves a similar 3D effect and creates a similar sleek and modern look but is more affordable than acrylic. Canvas is the cheapest option and still achieves that near-3D effect.

Choose Your Photo to Print

Once you know how to print a photo to canvas, gift-giving becomes easy.

Canvas prints are an ideal way to showcase a photo which has good memories attached to it. If you’ve recently gone on a vacation, then you could choose a photo from the trip to make a unique way of reminding yourself of your time away. If you had a special celebration with your friends such as a birthday or Christmas, canvasizing the memory is a great way to treasure it forever.

Choose the Highest Quality Versions of Your Photos Available

When it comes to knowing how to print a photo to canvas, quality is key because every detail in the photo will be clearer the larger a canvas print is made. So be careful when using photos from Facebook and Instagram as they are often compressed to have fewer pixels and thus less details. If you want to get the most impact out of your canvas image, use the original file if possible.

Crop It

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Once you’ve got a nice photo picked out, feel free to adjust your image by cropping out a part of it, such as excess background to produce a better-composed photo, or to get rid of distracting background elements. So for instance, for photos of kids, you can crop in tight on the child’s face to emphasize a candid expression. Cropping your photo down to the details that matter can be a powerful technique.

Pick the Ideal Wrap Option for Your Photo

The wrap options determine how the visible sides of your canvas will look. An image wrap, known as a gallery wrap, continues your image around the sides, and it creates a continuous gallery style appearance. A mirror wrap flips the sides of the image to approximate the gallery wrap look. A colored wrap lets you choose a solid color for the canvas sides. Color wraps provide a splash of color to complement your image and your room’s color themes. Then click here and we’ll make it happen.