Important Considerations When Ordering Photo Canvas Prints

Whether you’re a homeowner trying to break into interior design, or an experienced professional looking at your umpteenth rec room and wondering how you’re going to give it character, we all think about using photo canvas prints at some point as if we’re the first to consider it. But if you think about it, canvas is both an obvious and powerful tool. Whether you’re using personal photos or impressive photos found online, canvas prints bring color, texture, dimension and imagery into a room all at once. They’re the ideal resource for the interior designer.

Your design range grows exponentially when you include photo canvas prints.

But even the experts often forget a few basic factors of using canvas as wall art, because they have a lot of hidden features to them. So if you want to get it right the first time, here are some things you should consider that few others do

Wrap It Right

When you order a print canvas print from the Canvas Factory, the second last step is to choose a wrap. You have the choice of gallery wrap, mirror wrap or color wrap. Gallery wrap is the most popular, so if you’re going to have this wrap, then the image is going to be stretched over the canvas sides.

Have you included photo canvas prints in your design repertoire?

Thus you need to consider two things:

  1. You must leave sufficient room around the picture edges to serve as the wrap to ensure that the main subject/s of your image isn’t pulled off onto the sides, and the image’s compositional integrity isn’t jeopardised.
  2. Since the picture edges will also be part of the print, you need to consider what those edges will look like. Picture what the print will look like from the side when considering proceedings with a gallery wrap.

Scale Your Photo Canvas Prints

Make sure you scale your images before ordering photo canvas prints.

When it comes to canvas prints, size matters. But what sizes? Of course, the size of your canvas print matters, as does the size of the room you’re going to hang it in. But as well as this, there are other scale considerations which should influence your choice of wall art:

  1. Furniture: If your furniture is large compared to the average homeowner’s furniture, then your prints will also have to be large in order to compete. Alternatively, you can go for a collage of many smaller prints.
  2. Ceilings: What height are your ceilings? Many people forget about vertical space available when choosing prints for your walls, particularly if they plan on hanging the print above other pieces of furniture.

Getting It Right

These considerations can make things complicated, but it’s important to consider all the details so you can get your canvas print to work the first time. So take the time to sit down and sketch out a plan. Once you’ve got it all figured out, hit us up and we’d love to create your art for you.