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Impressive Going Away Gift Ideas They'll Never Let Go Of

Impressive Going Away Gift Ideas They'll Never Let Go Of

Saying goodbye is one of the hardest things we have to do. Saying it in style is often impossible.

These going away gift ideas take the awkward guess work out of knowing how to truly say thank you to a loved one, a colleague or a retiring mentor.

The key to making a farewell celebration a success is getting organized, so get your friends, family or colleagues together sooner rather than later and say goodbye in style.

Going Away Gift Ideas - Family Collage

Encourage her to keep family close

Your baby is all grown up and is heading overseas on her own for the first time to travel and work.

She's graduated from university and has decided to enjoy a gap year traveling through Europe.

While she'll be traveling with a friend, she has never lived away from home before. She's showing a lot of tenacity and passion for adventure, but you know she's going to miss her family.

To make it clear that you and her family will always be there for her, present her with a going away gift from the heart - a happy, friendly family portrait to take with her.

This collage canvas is your compact, light-weight answer. As well as being easy for her to fit in her suitcase, there are six photo frames - enough to feature multiple images of the whole family.

Ask every member of the family to choose a favorite moment from their time spent with the new world traveler then create your canvas using this traditional collage template. 

The idea isn't to provoke home sickness. The idea is for her to have loved ones she can hold onto while she's away.

Of course it's not as though it's going to be her only contact with you. It's just a great keepsake to tide her over between Skype chats - a piece of home.

Going Away Gift Ideas - Balloon Collage

Present a colleague with well wishes

Finding farewell gifts that authentically wish a colleague well can be tricky business, but this celebratory collage will express the right level of support.

This balloon collage from our modish collection has 10 frames, a wonderful opportunity to include a wide variety of photos as well as a personalized message from the team.

Whether Sally has been there 20 years or 20 months, collect as many photos as possible for the collage.

The shots don't all have to be of Sally, they can be of colleagues, special events as well as typical Sally's 'day at the office' shots like the coffee machine or the photocopier.

Think of all the sentimental memories and in jokes you can and adorn the collage with those memories.

To create a personalized message, simply visit Canva and design a simple text image.

On Canva, there are a number of free text options available. Alternatively, ask your inhouse graphic designer to create the image for you.

This gift will see your colleague leave with a smile on her face and a spring in her step, knowing she's felt valued and will be dearly missed.

It will also be a wonderful addition to her new office, don't you think?

Going Away Gift Ideas - Balloon Collage
Going Away Gift Ideas - Canvas Art

Say happy housewarming with canvas art

Your son is moving interstate for his new job, but - as much as he denies it - you know he's going to miss his home town.

It's highly unlikely 23 year old Bradley, when moving into his new place, is going to be prioritizing interior design. This gift is part farewell and part happy housewarming.

Find a photo of his favorite place in your home town. It could be a local forest, park, beach or streetscape - something you know he loves about home.

To create a truly amazing gift, print the image onto a stunning split image canvas - instant art.

Going Away Gift Ideas - Wall Display

From the girls with lots of love

Leaving gift ideas don't get much more fun than this one, with nine panels to say more than words ever will.

He's stealing Kate away from the amazing beach lifestyle you all share together and taking her to live in the big smoke.

She's the glue that holds the friendship group together and everyone's going to miss her dearly. But she's found love and that's important.

For this gift idea, each girlfriend provides a photo of their favorite memory with Kate and what they're going to miss most about having her there.

It could be enjoying a coffee, going to the gym, sunbaking, getting nails done, doing yoga, having cocktails, dancing at nightclubs or going shopping...

With these memories from home mounted on her wall every day, she'll be sure to visit often.

Going Away Gift Ideas - Wall Display
Going Away Gift Ideas - Metal Print

And he's off to make his millions

Surprise a mate with a farewell gift from all the boys, so while he's on his path to success, he'll never forget his roots.

None of you are ever going to admit it to him face to face, but as proud as you are of him, everyone's a bit bummed that he's leaving.

Whether your friend is off to make his millions in the big end of town or simply set to be stationed elsewhere for a while, this photo gift from the boys, mounted on metal, is a noteworthy way to say goodbye.

Think of the most amazing adventure you shared together and mount a photo from that time on a single brushed aluminum print.

Choose an image that's bright and colorful. It's not about depressing the poor man into coming home - it's about inspiring him onto great heights.

Going Away Gift Ideas - Glass Art

Watch her fly the coup in style

This precious Japanese art print will encourage a young woman to move on from years lived in her room at home and instead spread her wings.

It's time for your daughter to move away to study and, while she will no doubt take a teddy bear (or three!) with her, this gift of art will see her room adorned with class.

This glass print features an elegant Japanese image split across three panels of glass. It's feminine, but funky all at the same time.

Her friends will gasp with words of admiration for this stylish cherry blossom ink art piece.

She may still need a soft toy to cuddle, but this will encourage her to design an interior space with a sense of refinement, beauty and charm.

Going Away Gift Ideas - Glass Art
Going Away Gift Ideas - Star Collage

Back his retirement from the game

He's a great team member and you're sad to see him go, but here's a going away gift that will show you support his decision while valuing his contribution.

Your mate has decided his knees aren't going to serve him well into the future if he keeps up the game, so he's made the decision to retire.

Support him to retire with his head held high with a star collage full of photos showing the blood, sweat, tears and exhilaration of the game.

Get the boys to all pitch in some funds and present this gift to him at his farewell drinks. This one will be going straight to the man cave.

Going Away Gift Ideas - Quote Collage

Inspire a new found love of travel

Turn a tough farewell into an opportunity for adventure, self-discovery and fun with some inspirational quotes printed onto canvas.

Your brother is reluctant to leave home, but his work has found him a great opportunity in London he simply cannot turn down.

This gift will help inspire him to embrace the bright side.

Whether he's looking forward to the experience or not, it's important to find the right quotes to suit his individuality.

The great news is that you can choose whatever images and quotes you like. Check out Pinterest for some inspiration or simply Google 'travel quotes'.

Once you've found two of the best quotes, design an image in Canva by adding a photo as the background and some text to the foreground.

The trick to getting this design right is making sure the text is visible, so you may need to trial a few images, font styles and font colors to get it right.

Once you've downloaded your images from Canva (we recommend selecting 'PDF: To Print' for the highest quality), convert them into JPEGs then upload them to our Canvas App, selecting this ideal two-panel traditional collage template.

Going Away Gift Ideas - Quote Collage
Going Away Gift Ideas - Single Canvas Print

Value a community volunteer

This farewell gift is a wonderful way to say thank you to many years of volunteer service, a keepsake that will mean a lot for many years to come.

Margaret has been a volunteer for 15 years incuding three terms as president of her local Rotary group. She's now ready to retire.

To get the look, everyone can write their messages directly onto the canvas after it's been printed or, if you're savvy with graphic design, you can get everyone to sign their messages first, scan them in and create a complete digital image that can then be printed onto a single canvas.

Going Away Gift Ideas - Metal Wall Display

Best boss ever deserves first-class gift

Say your sad farewells, but reward the best boss ever with a retirement gift to remember.

This metal photo display is a gift he'll be elated to receive, something he can happily display at home.

Get the team to all pitch in with both money and ideas. The concept involves selecting photos of all the things he wants to do to fill his down time.

If you don't yet know, the way to get the information is simple. "So what are your plans after retirement?" Bingo ... 

Going Away Gift Ideas - Metal Wall Display