33 Christmas Photos You’ll Want To Keep Forever

33 Christmas Photos You'll Want To Keep Forever

While Christmases come and go, Christmas photos tend to stay with us forever.

Some we want to forget forever (bad 80s hairdo anyone?), but others – particularly family photos – become mainstays in our lives.

That said, we don’t tend to print photos like we used to (hello digital world). The wonderful thing about printing to canvas, glass or aluminum is the joy those memories can bring us each day of our lives.

These Christmas photography ideas will inspire you to not only capture the spirit of the season on camera, but give you memories to treasure far into the future.

Christmas Day

It’s the big day. All that Christmas food. All those Christmas outfits. All those gorgeous decorations. Like any big life event, it deserves to be captured on camera.

Whether staged or candid, the best shot is the one that is full of smiles. So make it fun and get snapping!

1. Play with Christmas lights

From Becher Photographer

Christmas Photos - Christmas Day With Lights

2. With mistletoe

From Oh Happy Day

Christmas Photos - Christmas Day Baloon Sticks

3. Family dinner

From She Knows

Christmas Photos - Christmas Day Family Dinner

4. Little elves opening presents

From Pexels

Christmas Photos - Christmas Day Elves

5. Christmas morning outside

From Simple as That

Christmas Photos - Christmas Day Girls

6. Baby present

From Aukara

Christmas Photos - Christmas Day Baby Present

7. Family portrait in a ball

From CameraSim

Christmas Photos - Christmas Day

8. All wrapped up

From Bloom

Christmas Photos - Christmas Day Wrapped Up

9. Kiss

From Bringing up Bug & Bee

Christmas Photos - Christmas Day Kiss

10. Christmas teen

From Pinterest

Christmas Photos - Christmas Day Girl

11. Jump

From The Honeysuckle House

Christmas Photos - Christmas Jump

12. Fairy light snowman

From Flickr

Christmas Photos - Christmas Day Snowman

Meet Santa

Whether your kids want to meet Santa or be Santa, it’s one of the cutest ‘must have’ childhood photos.

Gather all the kids together to meet the ‘real’ Santa or get Dad to dress up as Father Christmas himself.

For the cutest of cute, capture a photo series of your child donning a Santa hat. Love collages? Discover more photo collage ideas.

13. Little Santa

From Kristin and Kayla

Christmas Photos - Santa Little Santa

14. Brothers in Santa’s lap

From S18 Portrait

Christmas Photos - Santa Brothers

15. Daddy as Santa

From Autism Speaks

Christmas Photos - Santa Daddy

16. Kids love Santa

From MCP

Christmas Photos - Santa

Studio Portraits

If you think a studio portrait for Christmas is something to get serious about, think again. It’s a wonderful opportunity to play dress ups, particularly if there’s a baby involved.

17. Pyjama play

From Méchant Studio Blog

Christmas Photos - Portraits In Studio

18. Baby’s first Christmas

From Delio Photo Studio

Christmas Photos - Portraits In Studio Family Of 3

19. Babies in costumes

From Neli Prahova

Christmas Photos - Portraits In Studio Costumes

20. Christmas red

From Eventful Stays

Christmas Photos - Portraits In Studio Red

Great Outdoors

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas in the sun or the snow, let your imagination run wild by stepping outside for some fun photos.

21. Rudolph the dog

From Absolutely Bositively

Christmas Photos - Portraits Outside With Dog

22. Playing with snow

From Hello Fashion

Christmas Photos - Portraits Outside Snow

23. Props and pups

From Pink Pistachio

Christmas Photos - Portraits Outside

24. Picnic by a tree

From The MomTog Diaries

Christmas Photos - Portraits Outside Kids

Pet Pawtraits

Even if you just do it once, the result (and the hilarity along the way) is worth the challenge of getting your pet to pose for the perfect photo. One definitely to print for prosperity.

25. Labrabauble

From Pretty Fluffy

Christmas Photos - Pets With Balls

26. Reindeer dog

From Photobucket

Christmas Photos - Pets

27. Festive Fido

From Southern Weddings

Christmas Photos - Pets Outside

28. Cuddles by the tree

From Johanna Öst

Christmas Photos - Pets 2

29. Tinsel kitty

From Pinterest

Christmas Photos - Pets Cat

New Baby

Adorable baby photos simply must happen at Christmas time as the magic of all that sparkles is very real.

Idea #33 is perhaps best left to a professional, but many of the other ideas are ones you can replicate in your very own home.

30. Monochrome baby

From Flickr

Christmas Photos - Baby

31. Big. Red. Shiny

From Pinterest

Christmas Photos - Baby Red Ball

32. Sneaking a peek

From The Wright Family

Christmas Photos - Baby Present

33. Candy baby

From Barefoot Photography by Tina Doane

Christmas Photos - Baby Candy

Merry Christmas to you and yours, from Eli and the team at the Canvas Factory. Have a wonderful day and a Happy New Year!


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