“The Uptree”: 8 Awe-Inspiring Upcycled Christmas Tree Ideas

“The Uptree”: 8 Awe-Inspiring Upcycled Christmas Tree Ideas

Everyone knows the staple of Christmas decorations is the tree. Whether you’re one for a classic green tree with garland and red bulbs, a modernist who prefers the white tree, or even one for the Charlie Brown style, if you’re planning for Christmas, then you’re almost certainly thinking about what kind of tree you’d like in your home.

But, what if you didn’t have a tree at all?

Before you jump up and down in protest, just hear me out. This idea may not be as crazy as you think.

For the last few years, the idea of having “untree”–or, an alternative Christmas tree made out of just about anything but an actual tree–has been rising in popularity.

I mean, think about it. Having a tree is great. But, it presents all kinds of challenges and hassles. If you get a live tree, you’ve got to worry about needles and browning. But, even fake trees can be a disaster with children or pets (don’t act like yours hasn’t been knocked over at least once).

Plus, if you go the fake route, you’ve got to try to tear the thing down and cram it back into that impossibly-sized box each year. (How did it fit in there in the first place?!)

But, there’s an even newer iteration of this new tradition. The “uptree” is an untree with a twist–it’s made from recycled materials.

So, not only do you save yourself the hassles of a traditional tree, but you can feel good knowing that your super-awesome tree is also environmentally friendly. It’s a win-win!

Of course the next question is, what the heck do you make an upcycled tree out of, exactly? Luckily, there are tons of options–the only limit is your own creativity.

Just to highlight how versatile this idea can be, we’ve put together a collection of 8 awesome upcycled Christmas trees to give you some inspiration.


1. Pallet Christmas tree

Photograph of a pallet upcycled Christmas tree

This super-simple pallet tree has everything going for it. Not only is it cheap and easy to construct (you just need a few planks or a discarded pallet), but it can also be customized to your heart’s content. It can be simple and unassuming or dressed way up to be an eye-catching centerpiece of your Christmas decorations. (via ThePinningMama)


2. Wooden Christmas Tree

Upcycled wooden Christmas Tree

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Is that just a collection of twigs? Well, yes. But, you have to admit it offers a certain rustic charm. Again, for something simple and customizable, this is a really cool option. (via Ecolutionist)


3. Book Christmas Tree

Christmas tree made from books

If you’re a book lover, then this might be the upcycled Christmas tree for you. Not only is it cool and creative, but it also gives you something to do with all of those books on your shelf. And, you can put it up and take it down each year without having to wrestle with boxes or branches. (via FamilySponge)


4. Paper Christmas Tree

Creative paper Christmas trees

Paper trees? Sure–why not! These upcycled trees are made with repurposed sheet music, which adds some extra charm. Yours could be made with recycled wrapping paper, newspaper, or anything else that showcases your personality. (via Holy Craft)


5. “Green” Christmas Tree

Green Christmas tree

This tree is beyond simple. Created with some simple plastic framing and a festive cover, this is a super cheap option and makes use of materials you might have sitting around your home or in the garage. (via Pins and Procrastination)


6. Artistic Stick Christmas Tree

Artistic stick Christmas tree

Who says your Christmas tree has to stand upright? This twist on the upcycled wooden tree offers a new take on the classic tradition. Plus, you can make it any size you want and hang it on any wall in your home. (via Too Much Time on My Hands)


7. Spigot Christmas Tree

This wall-hung tree is made from upcycled water spigots.

Another wall-hung Christmas tree, this option makes use of upcycled water spigot handles. You may not have a bunch of these laying around, but you could probably buy some for super cheap at a local flea market. Of course, you could use other materials as well. (via RustedRoots)


8. Metal Funnel Christmas Tree

Upcycled Christmas Tree made from metal funnels

Rustic? Check. Simple? Check. Here’s another piece of inspiration for your upcycled Christmas tree–this time using metal funnels found at many swap meets or flea markets. (via PatinaWhite)



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