Five Mother’s Day Activities She Will Love More Than Flowers

Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present. – Bil Keane

There are few gifts more precious than time. But time, as a gift in and of itself, can be a difficult one to master – and particularly so for Mother’s Day.

When it comes to your Mom, you need to get the balance right between taking a moment to pause for some quality time and gifting something that makes it clear to her how special she is to you.

These gift ideas achieve that balance. They involve spending quality time together, but they’re also thoughtful and say ‘I love you’ more than a bunch of flowers ever could.

Don’t get me wrong, Mom will love receiving flowers but, this Mother’s Day, consider gifting flowers as something complementary to a more considered gift. Give more than flowers.

Here are five Mother’s Day activities she will love more than flowers:

1. Sketch Comedy Show

Get the family together to put on a performance for Mom. Create a sense of occasion in the lead up to Mother’s Day by providing tickets to the event for both immediate and extended family and for Mom. You might like to call it Mom’s Night Live or Mom’s Laugh-In.

You will need to do a couple of rehearsals, so don’t start organizing things early. You might like to do some improvisational theater games, perform a play, do a dance off, write and sing a rap song about Mom, perform some spoken word or conduct an interview … the format is completely up to you.

It doesn’t have to be polished and professional – just well-organized and fun. Be sure to provide some audience participation so that Mom can be involved in some way. You might even like to record it on video for posterity.

Mother's Day Activities - Sketch Comedy Show

Mother's Day Activities - Canvas Collage Print2. Fun Family Canvas Collage

There are two ways you can do this.

A) Prior to Mother’s Day, find photos of some of Mom’s most fun family moments (raid her old photo albums or Facebook photo gallery). Create a canvas collage print online and gift it to Mom on the day.

B) Gift Mom a Canvas Factory gift voucher. On Mother’s Day, spend some quality time going through old photo albums with Mom. This will be a great opportunity to learn more about Mom’s life. Gather together up to nine of her favorite photos, scan them then upload the digital photos into our CanvasApp to create a gorgeous collage print that can be delivered directly to her door at a later date.


3. Happy High Tea

Host this at home or arrange a day out somewhere special. Either way, 100% of the focus must be on Mom. A week or two before Mother’s Day, let Mom know you’re going to steal her away for a special celebration and ask her to dress up in her finest ‘ladies lunch’ outfit.

To add style and substance to her special day, prior to the outing, surprise Mom with a special gift bag full of goodies. It doesn’t have to be extravagant – just small things like some fine chocolate, a mini champagne, luxury soap, a piece of fashion jewelry – items that will make her feel pampered.

Be sure to take plenty of pictures of Mom and the family looking beautiful and having a wonderful time together.

Mother's Day Activities - High Tea

4. Comic Strip

It doesn’t matter if you can or can’t draw. If you can draw, great. If you can’t, simply outsource the task online. You can find cartoonists in places like oDesk or Elance. You might even like to take your cartoon strip concept to the next level and make it a digital animation!

One thing you will need to do is storyboard the comic strip. That means determining the setting of the cartoon (where), the characters (who) and the script (what they’re going to say).

You can turn this into a fun family activity. Remember, it has to be about Mom and it’s important to make it funny, but make sure it’s not going to offend her!

Mount your comic strip on a piece of cardboard or convert it to canvas. It’s all about the presentation, so make sure it looks classy (even if the content isn’t!).

Mother's Day Activities - Comic Strip

5. Picnic

Steal your Mom away from her normal surroundings for the day. This could be a trip to beach, to a National Park or to the country.

Prepare a picnic basket full of treats Mom loves (not just treats you love). Mom will notice a picnic that contains all her favorite foods!

Drive her there, enjoy the beauty of the outdoors together, let her enjoy a wine then drive her home again.

Basically, wait on Mom hand and foot. It’s her day.

Mother's Day Activities - Family Picnic

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there! You deserve all this and more everyday! We all know that. Thank you for all that you do for your family and your local community.


Eli is Canvas Factory's resident blogger and social media buff. She has a passion for art, craft, design, fashion and photography. She loves to explore the joys and challenges of family life, relationships, motherhood and pet ownership. Eli finds it's more funny to poke fun at herself than others. She's travelled extensively and considers herself a citizen of the world.

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