The Ultimate Guide to Styling Wall Art Décor

The Ultimate Guide to Styling Wall Art Décor

Choosing wall art for your home isn’t as hard as it sounds! That said, the enormous choice available can be daunting, and you want your wall art designs to look cohesive and well-considered. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate guide to styling wall art décor to make it even easier for you to transform your walls.

Your wall art doesn’t necessarily need to mean something poignant, as long as it speaks to you and you enjoy looking at it! Try to think of wall art in the same way as you do your other home décor pieces.

Once you know where to start, you can start making decisions on your wall art quickly and confidently, and create fabulous spaces filled with high-impact pieces.

So, without further ado, here’s your step-by-step guide on how to style your wall art décor in 2021.

1. Define your wall art style

First up, figure out what style you have going on in your home. For instance, your homewares style might be chic Hamptons, with lots of white and natural fabrics, like linen and cotton. Or, your style might be more modern, with lots of minimalist tones.

Once you understand your own interior style, you’ll be better able to choose wall art décor to suit your space. For instance, in a modern, industrial-style home, you might want to choose a minimal-style artwork or go all-out with vibrant graffiti wall art.

That said, you can always mix-and-match art styles to subvert your guest’s expectations and create something surprising. For instance, in an art-deco-style home, you might want to add touches of timeless glamor by adding a sleek, gold-framed mirror and some modern wall art décor.

Wall art décor

2. Choose your size and impact

Choose the room you want your wall art to be located in. The location of your wall art will also determine the size of your art. For instance, a larger piece of wall art needs to sit in a space where you can actually stand far enough away to admire it. There’s no point putting an enormous piece of wall art in a narrow corridor, or in a small bathroom. Not only will it look ridiculous, but you also won’t be able to see what the wall art is!

For a large space, you could either add a large piece of wall art on the wall, add two medium-sized pieces or create a wall display or use a larger image to create a stunning split canvas display.

Your art also needs to suit the space around it; it should never be larger than (or the same size as) the furniture sitting below it. However, if there is no furniture below it, it can be larger.

3. Decide on how much art you want

Once you understand your style you can start to think about how many pieces you need. If your walls are looking a little bare, you might want to think about getting several pieces.

While one larger wall art décor piece looks fantastic, several smaller pieces can look equally stunning on your walls. One of our wall art displays can make a great impact on your walls. If you’re creating a single display, however, your wall art décor should be of a similar style.

wall art display

4. Pick your wall art décor style

Next, you’ll want to decide on your art style. For instance, do you want Floating Frame Prints or Wrapped Canvas Prints? Each style has a slightly different look. You might want to mix it up with different styles of prints or stick to the same look for a more cohesive look.

Or, perhaps you want to go for a more modern style and opt for gallery-style HD Metal Prints or glossy Acrylic Prints. These prints have a beautiful, chic, frameless look and are flatter to the wall than canvas prints, making them perfect for tight spaces like corridors. They’re also extremely durable and can also be wiped clean if needed.

wall art décor framed print

6. The location of your wall art décor

If you’re stuck for ideas, think about where the art is and what kind of mood you’d like to create in that room.

For instance, most of us use a bathroom to relax and refresh ourselves for the day or week ahead. So ideally you want your bathroom to reflect that mood, with wall art décor that is calming and tranquil, whatever that means to you.

So, that might mean you choose:

  • Calming wall art décor in the bathroom like images of animals or nature, like a forest or beach scene
  • Interesting and creative abstract art in the bedroom, retro prints, or personal photos of you and your family, significant other or friends
  • Inspiring wall art décor in your home office such as aspirational images, quotes or art related to your achievements. Or abstract art to calm you
  • Food wall art or wall art of inspiring cultures in the kitchen
  • A unique wall art piece in the dining room to interest guests and inspire free-flowing conversation
wall art décor kitchen wall art

7. Find wall art décor you love

Last, but not least, find the wall art décor that you love! If you’ve decided on your wall art style, you can search for wall art that way. Or, if you’re still unsure of your home style, an easier option is to shop by color instead. Try to match your wall art with a color in your room.

Abstract art is always a safe option if you want something more neutral. Abstract art can still make a huge statement; you simply have to match it with the existing colours already in your room.

Similarly, modern art is quite easy to match to more contemporary homewares styles while classic art like landscapes or culture shots are great for more classic homewares styles.

We’ve got a staggering 20 million wall art images to choose from, so you’ll be spoilt for choice when deciding which wall art décor you’re looking for.

Still stuck for ideas? Get inspired by the top interiors trends for 2021 or check out our Pinterest page for more styling ideas.


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