24 Thoughtful Gifts That Won’t Break The Bank

24 Thoughtful Gifts That Won't Break The Bank

Gifts are a way to express your love and appreciation for someone. People love to receive gifts, but I think every good person loves the idea of giving them. That’s what altruism is all about!

When you care enough about someone, seeing something you think they’d like is just as exciting as finding something that you’d like for yourself. But what if they have everything they need (or everything they think they need) and you’re struggling to find that perfect gift to show your appreciation? What could you possibly give them? How can you show your love and appreciation this time? How much is it going to cost?

You may love someone to the end of the world and back, but it’s not practical to give up your food and rent for a month in order to afford that perfect gift. Surely there are some lovely, affordable gifts out there to show your special someone how much they mean to you. We have you covered with this list of 24 thoughtful gifts that won’t break the bank.

Speaking of the bank, my husband and I – in addition to a Christmas account – have a gift account as well. Each fortnight we put aside $20 into the gift account. It may not seem like a lot, but it means we always have enough to splurge on that someone special.

Gifts For Best Friend

Your best friend is the first person you think of when you make plans and the first person you go to when you need someone to talk to. They’re the person you call on the phone just to talk about nothing – or the most important things. When you’re upset, they’re the person who’ll try their best to cheer you up. They’re the shoulder to cry on because you know they care.

A best friend is that very special person in your life. When it comes to showing how much you appreciate your best friend, we’ve compiled a list of thoughtful presents for them.

1. Journal

By Journaling Jane.

Thoughtful Gifts - Journal

2. Modish Collage Canvas

By Canvas Factory.

Thoughtful Gifts - Best Friend Canvas

3. E-Readers

By Kobo.

Thoughtful Gifts - Ereader

4. Charms

By Pandora.

Thoughtful Gifts - Pandora Charms

5. Tea Kit

By T2.

Thoughtful Gifts - Tea

Gifts For Family

Good families stick by each other through thick and thin. Family is your safety net when things go wrong. Family keeps you warm and protected. They’ll stand up for you and help you through any situation. They’ll be there for you during the good times and the bad. You can always count on family for hugs and that sense of love and security we all crave as humans.

Family deserve to be acknowledged regularly, not only on birthdays, Christmas and Mothers Day/Fathers Day. You can let them know how much you appreciate them any time at all with these thoughtful examples.

6. Thank you Cards

By Uncommon Goods.

Thoughtful Gifts - Thank you cards

7. Personalised Family Pillow

By PMW Boutique.

Thoughtful Gifts - Family Pillow

8. Personalised Family Tree

By True Mementos.

Thoughtful Gifts - Family Tree

9. Luxury Picnic Basket

By Bromley.

Thoughtful Gifts - Picnic Basket

10. Collage Of Family Photos

By Canvas Factory.

Thoughtful Gifts - Family Canvas

Thoughtful Gifts - Leather Watch BoxGifts For Spouse

We’ve talked about best friends and pets who are your best friends also. Members of your family can be best friends as well. But what about the person you fell in love with? The person you vowed to spend the rest of your life with? Your husband or wife is ultimately your best and closest friend. Thoughtful gifts for your spouse can be given any time of year, and not just on Valentine’s Day or your wedding anniversary. 

11. Leather Watch Box

By Personal Creations.

12. Bath Caddy

By Umbra Bath Accessories.

Thoughtful Gifts - Bath Caddy

13. Keepsake Box

By Memorable Gifts.

Thoughtful Gifts - Keepsake Box

14. Cuff Links

By Engraved Memories.

Thoughtful Gifts - Cuff Links

15. Personalised Necklace

By Deanne Watson Jewelry.

Thoughtful Gifts - Necklace

Gifts For Pets

Thoughtful Gifts - Pet SofaApart from human best friends, often your most loyal friend is your pet dog, cat, bird, fish, rat or lizard. But especially the dog. Dogs trust and love you, and will do anything to protect you. Your dog deserves a gift after all he or she has done for you. The least you can do to reward your furry friend is have a look through this list of thoughtful gift ideas for pets (or for friends and family who love their pets!).

16. Pet Sofa/Bed

By Hagood.

17. Pet Portrait

By Canvas Factory.

Thoughtful Gifts - Pet Portrait

Thoughtful Gifts - Pet Toy18. Plush Toy of the Instagram Logo

By Dogsta.

19. Personalised Dog CollarThoughtful Gifts - Pet Collar

By Shop Mimi Green.

20. Pet Hoodie

By American Apparel.

Thoughtful Gifts - Pet Hoodie

21. Stuffed Pet (like your dog)

By Cuddle Clones.

Thoughtful Gifts - Stuffed Pet

Gifts In Memoriam

Rest in Peace. When a loved one passes away, memories are always there in the back of our minds, but gifts in memoriam are often the best way to keep those memories clear and current for all who were close to them, rather than having those memories become distant and faded. These sorts of keepsakes are good ways to keep someone’s memory close to you at all times for daily reminders.

22. Memorial Stone

By Blessing and Light.

Thoughtful Gifts - Blessing Stone

23. Memorial Canvas Print

By Canvas Factory.

Thoughtful Gifts - Grandpa Memorial

Thoughtful Gifts - Necklace Angel Wing24. Angel Wing Necklace

By Madies Charms.

A thoughtful gift from the heart, no matter the price tag, is one that will be remembered forever. Next time you give, make it count.



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