Beautiful Girl’s Names

Beautiful Girl’s Names

So it’s happened. You found out your beautiful bub is going to be a girl! Congratulations and how exciting! It doesn’t matter if it’s your first girl or your third choosing a baby name is always a process, sometimes a rather difficult one at that. So let the baby name game begin. Not to put a heap of pressure on you or anything but the name you choose for your precious baby girl will define their identity for the rest of their lives. #sorrynotsorry. So, like, get it right ok?

There are several types of beautiful girl’s names to choose from. From classical to trendy to biblical and more we discuss the different types of names that your baby will appreciate and grow with each year they get older.

Gender Neutral Names

Beautiful Girl's Names - Gender Neutral Names

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It’s a well-known fact that as soon as people become celebrities they know 150% more about everything then us common folk and you should always take their advice, on any subject. Who needs a medical degree, when a celebrity decides that sunscreen is bad for you – Gisele Bundchen anyone? Or when Gwyneth Paltrow told us that underwire bras caused cancer or when she advised us to have colon cleanses regularly or…. Actually, anything she has ever said. Obviously, I’m kidding. No-one should ever trust Gwyneth Paltrow for any advice on anything. One of her children’s names is Apple. You can’t trust someone who names a child after a fruit.

Speaking of celebrities and children’s names though, on some very rare occasions they do get it right. I’m talking scarcely and obviously, you should never listen to a Kardashian on this subject. North West? Really, North West? But there are some others such as my BFF Blake Lively (imaginary) and also my future husband Ryan Reynolds (more devastatingly imaginary) that actually started a cool trend, like gender neutral names by naming their daughter James.

Jonny Knoxville and his wife also choice a gender neutral name for their little girl Arlo. My other best friends for life Dax and Kirsten Shephard (yeah you know- imaginary) also named their daughter a normally masculine Lincoln.

Harper, Dylan, Kai, Riley, Kelsey, Charlie and Frankie are some other really nice gender-neutral names that might be perfect for your little girl.


Old School Classic Names

Beautiful Girl's Names - Classic Names

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There’s something really special about a classic old school name. And many of these names haven’t been used regularly so they can come across as modern and fresh again, but also at the same time never go out of fashion. The benefit of choosing a classic name for your baby girl is whether you’re inspired from back to the Victorian era or even 60 years ago and it’ll stand the test of time. Whereas the shine of a name like Khaleesi might wear off as soon as Games and Thrones isn’t a popular show everywhere, anymore.

Old school names also stand out from the pack- not for being, somewhat crazy, like Pilot Inspektor (Jason Lee – seriously man?) or Buddy Bear- (Jamie and Jooles Oliver- why? ) but for being endearing, classic and strong.

Try Ava, Emily, Lillian, Emma, Naomi, Alice and Olive are some beautiful old school classic names.


Unusual Names

Beautiful Girl's Names - Unusual Names


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Ok, so I know I may have been making fun of some of the more unique names mentioned above- but come on, there’s a major difference between unique and crazy and I’m thinking Pilot Inspektor is definitely on the crazy end of the scale. Some unique names can be actually be pretty funky and cool and you know, sane.

Some parents may want to reflect on their own quirky personalities by naming their baby something extremely unique and different from anything else heard before. And often parents do regret their choice of baby names when they become so popular that nearly every second person has the same name.

Unusual baby names keep rising in popularity – especially those that haven’t been heard of before. And whilst some might find your choice of names weird, studies actually show that children with one-off or distinctive names benefits the child as they have a greater likelihood of seeing and interacting with the world differently. Who knew?


Adley, Bexley, Faraeh, Ina, Quinn and Lucrietia are great choices.

Biblical Names

Beautiful Girl's Names - Biblical Names

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It doesn’t matter what religion you are, biblical names never go out of style.  The bible has always been a favored source of names since existence and biblical names have been among the most popular names for centuries.

To those of Christian beliefs biblical names offer meaning and great historical significance. Some people believe that choosing a biblical name also helps their child in their own spiritual journey.

Recently, the older, more exotic biblical names have been made fashionable again by parents looking for more unusual names for their babies.  From Old Testament names, New Testament names and other biblical references there are several biblical names to choose from for your baby girl.

Popular choices include Martha, Daphne, Lily, Keziah, Ruth and Tabitha are all excellent choices.

Whatever baby name you choose, as long as you and your partner are happy with it that’s all that matters. And if worse comes to worse they can always change their name when they are of age, if it really worries them that much.

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